Halloween Gift & Decoration Ideas

Halloween may not be the first Holiday you think of to give gifts, but there could be many reasons to pick up a haunting gift… Maybe you’re throwing a Halloween party and want to decorate your home or you’re attending a party and want to give a spooky Halloween basket as a thank-you gift.

Gift Ideas

Instead of stocking up on endless amounts of sweets, get your family and friends something they will remember! We have a range of Halloween gift ideas for adults, including dragon ornaments even the Queen of Dragons herself would desire. Continue reading “Halloween Gift & Decoration Ideas”

Why Do Black Cats Need Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Britain is a nation of cat lovers. Globally, the UK has the seventh largest cat population, and the third largest in the EU. They’re also the second most popular pet in the UK, just missing out on the top spot to dogs. All in all, you can’t deny that we can’t say no to a pair of Puss in Boots-style big eyes and a fiercely independent personality.

However, not all cats are considered equally, and that is exactly what Black Cat Appreciation Day aims to highlight.

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Mindfulness Day: where did it come from and why should we celebrate it?

Mindfulness. In the last few years it has become a buzzword floating all over the Internet, become the focus of numerous bestselling books and everyone seems to be on this latest trend. There is even an international holiday dedicated to it: Mindfulness Day. But where did this day come from and why should we care?

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