Nemesis Now Malachite Dragon 13cm

Green Dragon guarding a large Emerald Jewel
Nemesis Now Malachite Dragon 13cm
Sitting down while holding an ornate frame of dull brass, this iridescent Green and Gold Dragon looks at you curiously.

The Yellow that tips the ridge along their tail is mirrored on the sides of their underbelly.

The tips of their wings, talons and nose are a bright golden colour.

Set in the frame is a large Emerald jewel, and the Dragon seems to be guarding it.

Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this Fantasy Dragon statuette is a brilliant addition to any Gothic figurine collection.

Weight: 0.3kg

Material: Polyresin

Height approx.: 13cm

Branded Box

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Material: Resin
MPN: U1606E5
Size: Approx 13 cm tall
Brand: Nemesis Now
Product Code: U1606E5
Weight: 0.3kg